Welcome to The Glass Greenhouse and Farm Market

The Glass Greenhouse and Farm Market

The Glass Greenhouse and Farm Market

Location: 1350 Route 25, Jamesport N.Y., 11947
Mail: P.O. Box 85, Jamesport, N.Y. 11947

Located at 1350 Main Road (Route 25) just west of the town of Jamesport on the north side of the road; we are one of the largest retail growers on Long Island. With almost 5 acres of prime greenhouse growing space, our plant products are grown right here and are always fresh.

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of green to a windowsill in your home, or radically landscape your entire property; we have what you need.

A blacktop parking lot with brick-paved ramps leading up to both our doors makes us accessible to everyone, come rain or shine; and our retail space is largely enclosed – making your hunt to find just the right flower a whole lot easier come rainy, windy days.

General Information
A large glass greenhouse, our namesake, dominates our retail space; housing annual flowering plants and foliage, house plants, water plants, and gardening tools and accessories. If you take a walk out the back door, you’ll find an acre of outdoor growing space dedicated to over 150 varieties of perennials.

Gracing the back of our parking lot is a large farm market, featuring organic, GMO free products and a full-service bakery, as well as hand made truffles and a 24 flavor gelato case.